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At 13:42 on June 20, 2011, Masashi Ishikawa said…

Hi Bob-san, thank you for invite me as your friend. it's honor of me.

arigatougozaimasita deep bow MASA


At 8:48 on June 20, 2011, Jolien Slavenburg said…
great foto's Bob! Thanks a lot for sharing!
At 22:02 on June 19, 2011, Yvonne van Iersel said…
Ok Bob we're friends now, hoera Yvonne
At 20:04 on June 19, 2011, Liselotte Baeijaert said…

Of course!! 



At 11:23 on May 25, 2011, Colin Coombs said…

Hi Bob

Thanks for your invitation, it was great to meet you and talk about influencing. Loraine said she had had a nice converstaion with you after our workshop. Thanks again!   Colin

At 10:03 on May 24, 2011, Widera Manuela said…
Hi Bob, Thank you very much for your invitation to be your friend. Thank you also for the great time we could spend in Budapest and for your interesting workshop. I hope you had a good journey back home. Best wishes and a big hug, Manuela
At 19:41 on May 23, 2011, Sussan Öster said…

Hello Bob,

It was a pleasure to meet you and interesting to hear your story about your way in to SF... That you found words for something you already had done and friends who thinks like you!

See you in Oxford

Yours Sussan

At 18:59 on May 23, 2011, Marco Matera said…

Hi Bob,

You are Great, you are powerful you are You

At 17:19 on May 23, 2011, Julia Kalenberg said…

Hi Bob,

I'm glad to have met you at Balatonfüred and it was great to meet your girlfriend Susi (written correctly?) later in Budapest. Thank you also for the interesting workshop about worth/price ... I will surely think about that.


Hope to see you soon - maybe at Fontana Passugg this summer??

Hugs, Julia

At 5:19 on May 23, 2011, Anna-Julia Szabo said…

How did you like the castles? Of course I'd love to be you virtual friend :-) have a nice day, enjoy hungary!


At 22:16 on May 22, 2011, Pernilla Forsberg Tiger said…
Hi Bob! I very much enjoyed getting to know you at the SOLW conference. Looking forward to continuing sharing ideas in the future. Cheers, Pernilla
At 22:02 on August 25, 2009, Michael Hjerth said…
As far as I know, there is no book showing links between SF and brain science, yet. Most SF people regard brain science as irrelevant, and most brain scientists knows nothing about SF. There are some people linking neuroscience and leadership, decision making theory and economics. So there is indirect links. One of the first steps is actually to point out books like "Brain Rules" by John Medina to SF people and see what they make of it. Sort of mixing some new genes into the SF gene pool.
At 11:58 on August 25, 2009, Michael Hjerth said…
Looking forward to talk science in Bucharest. Meanwhile, in a couple of weeks I'm doing a plenary at the EBTA2009 in Helsinki which is largely a whirlwind tour of different kinds of neuroscience in relation to SF: from temporal difference of learning theories in computational neuroscience to mindfullness research, embodied cognition, the brain/heart/gut connection, evolutionary theory of emotion, all wrapped with logic from daoist wuji-taiji-yin/yang and buddhist shunyatta-dependent origination. (Isn't this over the top? Well, I've embraced my ADD, and I'm turning fifty next year, and while other people build hot-rod cars or drive a Harley at this age: I build hot-rod theory and drive it without a helmet.)
At 22:26 on August 24, 2009, Michael Hjerth said…
Hi Bob
Yes, science. Science will take SF to new and strange places, and vice versa. Didn't we have a chat about SF and brains in Cologne?
At 22:26 on May 20, 2008, Janine Waldman said…
Hi Bob
Delighted to be your friend and look forward to continuing the conversations we started in Cologne
At 13:36 on May 20, 2008, Yasuteru Aoki said…
Thank you for the photos. I enjoyed them!
At 13:33 on May 20, 2008, Yasuteru Aoki said…
Hi Bob,

It was such an inspiring conversation that we had. How you manage to be positive future oriented is something I wanted to know more about. We will see each other again. Keep in touch.

At 8:05 on May 20, 2008, Bart van Loon said…
great photographs, bob!
At 6:30 on May 20, 2008, Nicolette Bremerkamp said…
Hi Buddy Bob,
See you on Texel!




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