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Hello to All.
Friday I was in Bologna in a conference of trainers about training 1 to 1: coaching, counselling ...

A trainer said that awareness needs actions, create a slightly jokes with another very focused on meditation aspect.

What do you think about?
According to you, is it true that awareness without the impetus to action does not work?
Action creates awareness that creates the action. A nice circle.

And if things worked in a different way?

What do you think produce action?

I am writing an article with Riccardo in response to article "In-between." In a little our point of view.

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Hi Marco,

at the risk of being to cryptic, three ideas related to your first question pop up in my mind (more or less simultaneously :-) ):
* awareness and direct, powerful action can be very intertwined (see: martial arts, the art of archery); then you act as “one”, as a whole, without choice;
* awareness opens the heart and therefore it has an inevitable impact on our behaviour and interaction (and vice versa); vipassana meditation & good, helpful action are two sides of the same coin
* in the most profound way is being present in “what is” the most radical and transformative action possible (Jiddu Krishnamurti)


You say:
"in the most profound way is being present in “what is” the most radical and transformative action possible".
I agree with it. Also with what you wrote before.

the first coach in my discussion up use action in his approach to create change.
the second one used meditation.

"Helpful?" I don't know, my intention was to open a window about this thema and, for me, you center it. well better I agree with you.

Just to continue to stimulate and create dialogue:
if it work how to improve this presence in clients?
Hi Marco,

If we say that awareness needs actions, what does it tell about ourselves?

If meditation is not-thinking, how would be the action that flows from it?

If action creates awareness, how would you define action? What would be the opposite of action? And how does action relate to re-action? And again, what does all this thinking tell about ourselves?

And how would you define meditation? Is it a state or an act? Is it being or doing? What activities would you put in its scope? And finally, what does this scope definition tell about ourselves?

One more question: do your answers to my questions result from thinking? In case yes, how much awareness is there? Any more than in my presence of writing, when questions arise from my thinking?

I would love to read your article.

We can differentiate actions by Actions.
It depends on who moves us: the mind or something else?

I just read your question and what I wrote is what emerges.

And thank you, they (your questions) sounds like a koan.





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