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One of the ideas of the SOL Trainers Network is to let people know what trainings in SF are on offer.
We planned to create a central marketing and course directory available on-line - perhaps an international directory of training events on the SOL website.
What form do you think such a directory should take?
What trainings are you currently offering?
How do we arrange the information in such a way as to benefit each trainer and training organisation?

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Very good idea.... About synchronicity: one of my dreams last days was to create an open website like you mentioned or maybe a seperate one (if there are costs then by sharing these). At this moment I need to go for a training myself :-)... I'll be back...
As a beginning surfer (I started last Saturday after Peter Szabo’s workshop) I hesitate to catch this wave. I’ll try. I offer a very interesting Workshop on September 18th about SF Training and Improvisation. Together with Henk Hofman ( I make the connection(!) between these two methods. We offer a day with fun and a lot of tools to work within your own practice as an SF trainer. I am interested in participants.
Nice idea to ask what trainings are currently on offer. Still to come this year, sfwork is running a public course on SF negotiation as well as our flagship 4 module "SF Professional" programme starting in September. Our next free Webinar is on 1 June. Details at - including many more possibilities for in-house training. Best wishes, Jenny
Observing the replies in this thread with the view of an person being interested in such trainings it is very hard to see in a simple way what trainings are available when.
I - as such a person - would prefer to see them in the event calendar as events of the type "SF-training". I created such a type just before.
Each ning-group provides only ONE calender which can be divided by "event types".
So, we can create different types like "SOLWorld-events" and different others.

OR we can create a NEW ning- or yahoo-group for such "non-SOLWorld-trainings"

Question to all: What do you prefer?
hm.... after having inserted only three events I recognised, that the layout of ning-groups is not very useful if there are a lot of events. I suppose, that, if we use "events" to offer all our trainings, the main screen and the event-screen will become overloaded - providing no useful information.

So, I deleted my entries.

And we have to find a better way...
After having tried out using the event-calendar in this ning-group (which is not very useful for a world wide directory) I suggest, that

=> such a directory should show separated "lists" for each country / language regions like e.g.:
- GB
- Canada
- Sweden
- France & Suisse (F)
- German (D, A, LI, Schweiz (D), Northern Italy (D))
- Italy and Swizzera (I)
- Romania
- ... ... ...

=> each list may have two sections:
- basic trainings of SF-work across all (non-therapeutic) areas of application
- trainings for specific (non-therapeutic) applications of SF-work

=> the offers in both sections should be ordered by the date of the start (that means, that we cannot use "groups" or "discussions" in ning but, maybe, the "file"-section of a yahoo-group)

=> each offer should contain:
- start-date / end-date
- title
- duration (days or hours)
- location
- short description (about 100 words)
- organiser (person or organisation)
- web-link to the details

What do you think about this?
oh, dear Hans-Peter, spontaneusly, without thinking I recognise, how inspiring and attracting it was to read the postings who does what and I enjoy the variety and my enthusiasm gets unfresh by reading the frame the offers should be fitted in...
something else more light and easy-smart?
How would this "light and easy-smart" for you look like?

For me - out of the view of a user - a simple list showing only:
- start-date / end-date - title - duration (days or hours) - location - short description (about 100 words) - organiser (person or organisation) - web-link to the details

is this, what is usually shown in such lists for trainings... often the fee also is mentioned...
A list showing this information is nice to "scan" for a first impression wihout having to open a link for each offer.

So, what might be more light and easy-smart?
Thanks for the responses so far. This part is an information-gathering exercise, to get a sense of who is doing what. It's not designed to be a fully useable guide to SF trainings for the world. The next small step might be to follow Hans-Peter's suggestion for a space in which to properly list the courses and trainings available - maybe country-by-country, or perhaps some other way. Is this feasible on this website, or do we start thinking about another space?
Well, in ning I see no other feature to co-ctreate a sorted list of items with a given structure but the event-calendar.
But there is only one calendar possible per ning-group and the event-screen will become overloaded.

So, I think, we have to look for a better solution outside ning. I will have my eyes open!
... and here is the first existing example how to do such a directory:

If you like it - maybe I can try to arrange something so that we can use this "mechanism" (based on php) in an own website (maybe in





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