Sharing and building Solution Focused practice in organisations

Present: Stephanie v. Bidder, Loraine Kennedy, Penny West, Monica Strickler, Eva Porpacz, Doris Regele, Barbel Hess, Netti Kutsche-roch, Petra Muller-Demory, Janine Waldman.

A Texel we were given the opporunity to discuss how we might build and develop further the coaching group. Below is a brief summary of our discussion.

What we want...

A support and learning group for SF coaches
More sharing of ideas, information, tools and resources
The sharing of tips and success stories
Resources/tools posted on the site
Peer support - responses to requests for help and ideas with coaching clients.
Asking for written responses to requests, or if the coach would like a conversation post a request for a Skype call where those willing and available would join in.

Requests for help and topics raised at the Texel meeting included:

The what and how of contracting with individuals and managers
How to involve the client’s manager in the coaching process.
Help with an immediate coaching session (Penny W)
How internal coaching pools in organisations work
The difference between SF & other coaching

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Thank you, Janine, for the summary and starting the discussion! Here's my first question to the group: I consult a university that wants to open a coaching pool for its employees. Therefore I would be grateful for experiences of people who have set up such a pool or are working in such a pool: what is to consider? What is useful (for the organisation and/or the involved coaches), etc. Thank you for your support! Greetings, Doris
Hi Doris
A question....Are you using external coaches, internal coaches or a mix of both for the pool?
A mix of both (I think there'll be more external ones since not so many employees are trained coaches). oh, one more (maybe useful) information: There are in total around 1000 employees (ca. 280 of those working in administration)
Hallo Doris
in Basel we have a coaching pool for all the teachers of our town. It is run by the centre for teachers education and what they did is a good thing, that the teachers appreciate very much. They chose a neutral office in a neutral officebuilding in town. Like that privacy for the coachees is a bit more guaranteed, they have the chance to 'sneek' in there unseen, which helps them to get in touch with a coach more quickly perhaps?
Hi Doris
I've set up coaching pools and also been part of them. In addition to Stephanie's good point above, some of the things you might want to consider for this include:
Selecting of coaches - what are your criteria for this and what is your recruitment process - interviews/live-coaching etc.
Supervision of coaches - what supervision do you require the coaches to have and what will you provide. Most of the pools I've worked with provide some sort of supervision and ongoing development to their coaches.
Paperwork - what contracts do you want in place between coach and client, how will this be managed e.g centrally or by the coach.
How will you identify the coachees? for example, is it open to all through an application process, is the coaching for high flyers, certain grades of management etc. Or perhaps people will be put forward for coaching by their managers.
Matching- how are people matched to their coach - some places have a data base and people can choose their coach, others tell people who their coach is and some give the client a couple of coaches to choose from based on their requirements.

Happy to talk about this furhter if it would be useful.
All the best
Stephanie and Janine, thank you so much for your answers - that helps a lot to line out what to think about. As soon as I have my checklist ready I'd be happy to share it. Whoever is interested, let me know. Doris
Hi all, good initiative! unfortunately I was busy in another group, but think you catched an important topic. I am happy to be involved.

Hi Janine ... your post is a breath of fresh air!

I am currently facilitating action learning sets for a group of health professionals at an NHS Trust (which is shortly due to come to an end) and would be very interested in learning more about how other people have contracted new business for group coaching in organisations.

I look forward to being a part of this group and sharing and learning with others.

Best wishes, Pat.
thanks Janine for posting and summarizing!
Dear Janine,
thanks für summarizing and starting the discussion here!





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